TV & Radio least effective in brand switching

In recent primary research we did for PL Buyer magazine using our national panel we took a look at how consumers think about grocery brands before shopping and then during shopping. We found that the majority of respondents usually know what brands they intend to buy before going shopping but the majority preview the other brands available before purchasing, with store brand being the main default purchase if a brand is not available.
We then delved deeper into what might make a consumer switch brands. The top promotion methods influencing switching brands are in-store price promotion followed by every day lower price and then better nutrition value. Recommendations from friends and family came in fourth, which really backs up well research into the benefits of using social media as a promotion platform. Electronic coupons, recommendations from store associates and TV/Radio advertising rank last! The death of TV/Radio advertising may be happening even faster than we thought!
Here is a full rank of the comparative scoring of the promotion methods:

* Other information on the label specified included organic, allergy information, specific nutrient / ingredient information and corporate social responsibility factors.