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Consumer Sensory panels
Customer satisfaction studies
Design Optimizer
Market segmentation
New concept testing
Packaging benchmark
Perceptual mapping
Post launch benchmark
Promotion effectiveness
Price sensitivity analysis

Consumer Science specializes in primary consumer research. We select from a broad range of techniques and technology to customize research that delivers you the most value.

A qualified staff of researchers and moderators provide turnkey research including study design, respondent recruitment and customized analysis and reporting. Our offerings, combining traditional interviewing techniques and the latest technology include, Intercepts, one-on-one, dyads, triads, focus groups, large sensory panels, in-home test, surveys, social media monitoring, video analytics and web analytics.

We understand at this time of consumer fragmentation researchers have to look beyond demographics. Lifestyles, attitudes and affiliations are often much better predictors of consumer preferences.

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The Consumer Response team handles calls, correspondence and web submissions from consumers on behalf of retailers, distributors and manufacturers. All responses are personalized, and every technological advancement is employed to ensure timeliness and efficiency.

Consistent, high-quality consumer response is key to gaining and keeping an expanding customer base. Studies show that effectively managing a complaint can create a customer for life.

Analysis of concerns provides invaluable insights to your products, service and consumer attitudes.

Computerized database entry of all incoming consumer concerns provides real-time access to feedback. Customized follow-up procedures and summary reports are all included as part of the full-service consumer response program.



Category review
Consumer Sensory Panels
Corrective action management
Label Reviews
New product certification
Alternate supplier approval
Penalty Analysis
Recipe Development
Recipe Verification
Retail audits
Shelf-life studies
Specification Development
WIC consulting / registration

Consumer Science Laboratories specializes in testing consumer packaged goods (CPG). We use a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques to provide a holistic view of product quality.

Choose from a broad range of services to augment your in-house staff or outsource the entire process to us.

Our new product certification program allows you to approach customers with third party validation of your product quality.

Consumer Science is a:
Founding member of the Quality Assurance Association
Member of the Institute of Food Technologists
Member of the Society of Sensory Professionals
Council member of the National WIC Association